Peculiarities Relating to Antique Brown Granite as Experienced by Marble and Marble

Antique Brown is a beautiful stone, which in recent times has become very popular with consumers. However we are experiencing certain irregularities, which we would like to bring to your attention especially if you are considering using this material.

These are the main issues:

  1. Consumers are unaware that the material may contain white veins. For some, this may be an unacceptable trait.
  2. The brittle nature of this granite results in very obvious jagged seams and joints.
  3. The structure of this granite does not permit for smooth finishes to edges without undulations. This invariably results in dull edges, as granite polishes do not achieve the high-gloss finish as seen on the face of the material.
  4. Placing a cold can on the granite could result in dull marks appearing on the surface. This is particularly perplexing as the surface is coated with resin. Our efforts to obtain answers to this problem from the producing quarries have been without success.
  5. The circular marks created by the polishing process at the quarry, may be visible on the polished face of the slab. We do not have control over this, nor do we have any control over the inherent fine open fissures and perforations at the surface of the material.
  6. Clay and porcelain casserole pots will scratch the surface as well as granite cutting boards and any diamond jewelry.

Marble and Marble is dedicated to providing its customers with handpicked materials as available from reputable Canadian granite and marble importers. We strive for the best; of paramount importance is the provision of accurate and factual information on which material choice can be made.