Products We Offer

Vent Covers

To make tiled floors flow more smoothly, consider custom-made vent covers. Water-jet technology allows us to precisely cut various vent cover designs.

Simply bring in a tile and choose your design. After all, it’s the details that bring a space together!

Backlighting Onyx

Backlight onyx is the new trend in luxury design. Custom LED light panels are simply placed behind the stone to illuminate its natural beauty. This feature brings a stone to life and demands attention; it’s a one-of-a-kind centerpiece.

The back panels are made to custom fit each piece of stone. They are 12-volt LED cold lights; the longest-lifetime lights on the market today. The panel evenly distributes the light in such a way that there are no shadow areas; the brightness is consistent throughout the panel. We mount the panel directly onto the slab either in-shop or on the jobsite (depending on the nature of the job).

Backlighting can be done on any translucent materials including some composite quartz, natural quartzite, onyx and few marbles (depending on their translucency). Backlighting looks best on feature walls, bar tops, counters, fireplaces, floors and vanities. It is a conversation piece that is sure to get people talking.