Edge Work


Edges complete the look of natural stone and can drastically change the appearance of the finished product. It must be noted that the composition of certain stones may restrict us from using elaborate edges. If this is the case, we will notify you of any concerns that we may have.

At Marble and Marble we separate our edge details into 2 grades. Standard edges are simple straight polishes, bevels and curves. These edges can be in ¾” thickness or laminated to be 1 ½”.

We strongly recommend kitchens to be done with an 1 ½” laminated edge to give the material a more completed look. Vanities, and table tops can be done with ¾” thickness or even a heavier 1 ½” laminated edge.

The Upgraded edges are more ornate, they have coves, duponts, and OG bullnoses. These edges can be in ¾” thick or laminated to be 1 ½”.