About Marble and Marble

Three Generations of Stone Specialists, Family Owned and Operated


Having been in the stone industry for 3 generations, we are able to offer our background and expertise to benefit the customer in their planning and decisions. Marble and Marble Ltd. is well diversified and is able to give you advice on any stone project.


We are a family-run business with personal involvement in all aspects of management and production. Our Marble and Marble Ltd. team depends on the business and are therefore dedicated to it completely.

Digital Imagery

Marble and Marble Ltd. was the first company in North America to offer digital-image-processing technology to photograph slabs in high definition overlays in an Auto Cad software. The contours reported by the templating device enables us to cut, crop and recompose your countertop digitally to your preferences before beginning any physical work on your actual slab. This advantage allows both you and us to design the best layout for your project.


Marble and Marble Ltd. has one of the cleanest and safest marble plants in Toronto, allowing us to more efficiently and effectively carry out daily operations in a highly controlled environment. As members of the Marble Institute of America, we represent the Health and Safety Committee for all Canadian Marble Manufactures. Our two sister companies Marble Devices and Simple Bundle are actively involved in inventing and distributing safety devices for our industry.


Marble and Marble Ltd. runs on a sustainable fabrication cycle. Our plant is equipped with water recycling systems, and energy efficient florescent lighting. To avoid using wasteful wood packaging, Marble and Marble Ltd. uses engineered reusable metal frames. And rather than using plywood to reinforce the surfaces, we recycle end-cuts of discarded stones. Minimizing our ecological footprint is of high importance to our company as we are constantly finding new ways to generate a sustainable and eco-friendly environment.


Marble and Marble Ltd. gives considerable credit for its success to the culturing of both its employees and customers. We pride ourselves on educating our clients in all aspects of the production process, beginning with an explanation of the nature of stones. We then highlight and explain the technical characteristics of the fabrication process, and conclude with important information concerning the maintenance of the material.


Marble and Marble Ltd. carries over 1000 slabs in stock at any given time, allowing the customer to view and to choose from a variety of materials ranging from composite quartz, granite, marble, onyx and composite glass directly inside the facility. Located in the heart of Ontario’s largest marble and granite distributors, we are able to offer an enormous variety (over 200,000 slabs) from our suppliers located within 1 Km of our business.


At Marble and Marble Ltd. we maintain the most advanced technology to template your countertops by using a digital templating device that offers exceptional precision. This device produces an electronic file that then becomes the blue print for the design and production of your project.